You might be wondering how things are going recently.  Here’s a taste of my past few days:

Had a horrible cold since Friday (Amy had it last week).

30+ inches of snow. Technically not more than they forecast, but only because they kept changing the forecast as the snow got deeper.

Snowblower worked Saturday..but not Sunday. Lots of Tylenol in play.

Dropped my tablet, breaking the screen and on/off switch.

No nurses the last two nights (see snowfall, above).

When we went out in the snow Eliana fought the sidewalk, and by the look of her upper lip, the sidewalk won. (Here’s one of the happier pictures from the afternoon)

In the snow

But in the midst of all that Eliana had some time teach us a lesson about what “childproof” does…and doesn’t…mean.  Guess we don’t have to worry about her mental acuity and whatnot. Checkout the video.

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Strudel, anyone?

I wrote a post about baking as stress relief over at Kveller. Check it out!

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Second #Readukkah review

“How do you give the past a human voice without betraying it or making your reader furiously impatient?” Hilary Mantel asks in the Wall Street Journal. Mantel, author of the Thomas Cromwell novel Wolf Hall, describes what many historical fiction critics and authors have struggled with–how hard it is to strike a balance between setting the tone and keeping a dramatic pace for today’s readers, especially with  dialogue spoken in an earlier age. About halfway through Angels at the Gate I got impatient with the lack of contractions and started speed reading, but I’m glad I wasn’t so furious that I tossed the book aside.

It tells the story of a girl in Abraham’s tribe masquerading as a boy in her father’s caravan, a girl who grows up to become Lot’s wife.

When the caravan first visits Sodom, you can smell the city. The nomads visit at a time when the Dead Sea is belching stench along with the valuable pitch that sustains the city, and the smell lingers and contrasts with the spring celebrations. You feel the wide gulf between life in the city and the nomads’ life. Thorne lends the same sort of visceral realism to the characters, like Lot, whose face comes alive in the book and looms a little too close for comfort.

Although I wished for smoother dialogue and fewer sidetracks, the plot drew me in and the characters, including the saluki Nami, won me over.

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Nine Essential Things, and What’s Been Subtracted

by Max Ma on

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Addition by Subtraction

Of course every other blogger is writing their “what I’m thankful for” post this week, but…yeah…a little too obvious here so we’ll just let that be understood, k?

After Eliana’s transplant, the expectation was that she’d come home complicated and get easier over time. It’s now been about 6 months and we got to cross a couple more things off The List this week.


At her 6 month appointment on Monday we eliminated one more medication (good timing, since SOMEBODY who is a male parent left it out of the refrigerator overnight on Sunday), and dialed another back to once a day.  That takes us down to 8 per day – 6 prescriptions and 2 OTC supplements. A cakewalk, I tell ya’.

Even more exciting – fanfare please – the bloodwork that MUST BE DRAWN AT 8AM MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS NO MATTER WHAT AND YOU’D BETTER NOT BE LATE!!! is now going to be either once a week or once every two week (there’s a little confusion about that one.) And for a little icing on the cake, her regular clinic visits are moving from monthly to quarterly.

Plenty of other progress too – lots of walkering, the occasional accidental swallow, and a serious case of the feisties, but they don’t fit the theme so they’re for some other time.  There’s one more subtraction moment you’ll want to hear about, but I’m gonna’ leave that one to Amy as an incentive to get her back to the keyboard.

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Go, Go Gadget!

Q: What do (certain) old people and (certain) young people have in common?

A: A surprising number of mobility devices.

For weeks, Eliana has been just on the cusp of getting her walk on, but she just hasn’t quite been able to figure it out.  She’s standing up like a champ, and even cruising a few awkward steps at a time, but that was about it.  Today one of her therapists brought her this go go gadget walker (also sometimes known as a gait trainer) that looks suspiciously like one recently used by…um…a close relative of mine.


Did it work for her?  Oh yeah.  Here are a couple of videos from just a few hours later – one coming towards you, and one walking off into the metaphorical sunset (also known as bedtime).

Enjoy – and I suspect there might be more than one of you giving her a”go go go” while you watch.



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Oxymoron – hold the Oxy

So…it’s true that different folks may choose to “keep kosher” to varying degrees of observance.  But one of the pretty universal rules even for the least strict kosher-keeper is that pork products are not permitted.

Which makes this product just a touch confusing – note the Kosher symbol highlighted in the bottom center.

“Kosher Shake ‘n Bake, for all your kosher pork!”


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