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Sheep toy

It’s a sheep theme here at Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer. Shira discovered a sheep toy that was hanging on a hook in her room forever–that’s forever to her, because someone I work with gave it to her when she was born. From Shira’s perspective, she found an awesome toy in her room she never knew was there. How cool is that? It’s like finding a $20 in your winter coat pocket, but even better, because when you’re 4, it doesn’t come with that, “Man, I can’t believe I left a $20 in my pocket all summer without realizing it” feeling. Plus, as she reported to me, it plays both Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and the ABC song.


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Keep your eye on the sheep

Shira and I were watching Prince of Egypt, and when it came to the Moses-and-the-burning-bush scene, her only question was about the sheep that Moses had been following. When she asked where Moses was going, I said he went to bring a sheep back to the flock. There’s the whole mystical bush burning but not consumed and she’s worried about that sheep, as if the burning bush was getting in the way of the real issue at hand. She asked me what the burning bush was, and I tried to explain about God and miracles, but then we were back to that lost sheep. Is he going to get the sheep? Sure, Moses needs to listen to God and save the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, but where’s the sheep?

(The sheep’s fate is not revealed in the movie. I suppose it remains a mystery, like the burning bush.)

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Welcome to Hank, Amy, and Shira’s family blog. Way back before we were married, our rabbi said we march to the beat of a different drummer, and that may be the best (and kindest) way to describe us. We met in a community band, which is what true band geeks join after they are out of school. Five years later we were married and two years after that Shira was born. Hank likes chocolate way too much, Amy initially learned yoga in 28 days from Richard Hittleman’s Yoga, and Shira goes to preschool, does gymnastics, and likes dollies.

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