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Shira’s First Homework

Shira was so excited about her first homework assignment today. As I was emptying her bookbag, she noticed it on the table and said, “I have to do my homework! That’s my first homework ever!” I had to laugh at how excited she was (and hope it continues at least until assignment no. 2). Later at supper, we were talking about what she learned today, maps in particular. I’m guessing a map of the world, because she mentioned Australia, Austria, and Africa, and America, where we live. B place names must be another day. We talked about Antarctica and where it’s located, and about polar bears, which I said I thought live at the north pole. Shira concluded that must be how they got their name. It’s amazing the things kids think of. Like several minutes later when, not wanting to eat her tomato and cucumber, she tried to convince me that limeade counts as a vegetable. “Limes are a vegetable and they’re in here,” she said, holding up her cup. OK, sometimes she surprises me with her insight, other times I’m just stupefied.


October 11, 2010 at 9:28 PM 1 comment

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