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Yesterday Amy was admitted to the hospital for “observation” based on some testing results.  The initial results were certainly not what we expected, but it’s a good thing she was already in the hospital for testing because…

After further testing was unfavorable, doctors decided to do an emergency C-section.  How emergency?  Hank and Shira were already in the car on the way to the hospital for a morning visit when a nurse called to say they’d taken Amy into the OR and wouldn’t be able to wait for the delivery.

Eliana Tova Lerner was born at 11:27 am; 4 lbs. 2 oz.; 17.5 inches.  She was about 33.5 weeks – around 6 weeks before her due date.  At birth she was immediately admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Hershey Medical Center.

Earlier in the pregnancy, Eliana had been diagnosed with pulmonary valve stenosis – a narrowing of the valve leading from the heart to the lungs.    Long story short, the valve that lets blood go from the heart to the lungs to collect oxygen was almost completely clogged shut.  Not a good thing.  So aside from the early birth, she had a wee bit of a heart problem to deal with.

Amy got to see her in the delivery room briefly after birth, looking surprisingly like baby Shira, although about a pound and 10 ounces lighter. Eliana was stabilized within a few hours, and Hank and Shira actually got to see her later that afternoon. Crazy, right?

The first few pictures we took were of her in her ‘isolette,’ (Martian baby pod complete with heaters, sensors and all sorts of cool stuff), but with a ventilator tube, IVs and all sorts of wires hooked up to her, we decided to protect her vanity and not snap too many closeups.  Maybe we’ll post those for her Bat Mitzvah.


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Could be crappier Surgery Day

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