Cleaning Day!

August 17, 2013 at 11:27 PM Leave a comment

So…about that thing where nothing goes according to plan…

Eliana will be undergoing peritoneal dialysis, not the typical hemodialysis most people are familiar with.  Instead of cleaning her blood directly, she’ll have a special fluid moved through her abdomen that pulls  into blood impurities out through the blood vessels in the abdominal lining, called the peritoneum.  Ewww…yuck, right?  But a gentler and safer method – especially for infants.

First step is that you need easy access to the belly – which means a second full-time tube (the first, called a BROVIAC catheter was put in about a week ago so she could get regular blood draws and IV infusions without having to poke a different vein each time. Hardly even rated a mention with everything else going on.)

Surgery for the dialysis catheter was initially scheduled for Monday, but was eventually moved up to this evening (Saturday) because Eliana was getting progressively worse as the day went on.  So as of 10 pm tonight she not only has her dialysis tube in place, but she’s gone through the start of her first cleaning cycle.  I believe she’ll be in the spin cycle by midnight, then line dried until morning (laundry humor, anyone?).

It will probably be a week or so until she’s somewhat under control and looking closer to “normal” – whatever that means – but so far so good.  We could use a break already yet, so hopefully things can calm down for at least a few days.  Is that so much to ask?


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