Hold the Baby. Love the Baby.

August 29, 2013 at 10:35 PM Leave a comment

Eliana’s been extubated for two days now (no more breathing tube in her throat) and is crying like an old pro. Aside from two days of hearing baby cries, Mom’s had two days of holding baby, something we haven’t been able to do since the dialysis started.

Yay! That really helps make us feel like a normal family.

Have we mentioned that this child has a large personality? She doesn’t like to be disturbed, which as you can imagine, happens a lot in the hospital. Her nurse today had to give her a shot and insert the NG (nasogastric) tube for feeding, both of which were after the excitement of rounds and exams from several doctors this morning. Suffice it to say she didn’t enjoy having the NG tube inserted. In fact, she put up such a huge fuss she completely missed the joke about having a little baby moustache. One of the nurses said it was like wrestling an alligator. An alligator with a moustache, that is.

7-23 Eliana upclose

Things are status quo with the cardiologists and moving along well with dialysis–she just needs to heal up around the catheter’s entrance and exit incisions.  There’s no specific timeline for being released, but we’ve started our homework by chosing a home nursing agency and we are looking forward to the next steps on the road home.


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