A Rich Inheritance

September 7, 2013 at 7:07 PM Leave a comment

A light thought for the day:

When you look at Shira it’s easy to see that she inherited Amy’s chin and cheek dimples.  As far as we can tell, Eliana doesn’t have those.  Definitely nothing in the chin, and we’re not sure about the cheeks – she hasn’t been smiling much so it’s hard to tell…

But one thing Eliana DID inherit from Amy is this cute tongue thing she does when she’s yellling.  Her little tongue sticks out and sort of waggles just like Bart Simpson.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program:

Eliana’s been doing her best with dialysis for the last few days, but her incisions STILL haven’t healed up and she’s pretty leaky.  At this point it appears they just aren’t going to heal as-is, so the doctors are trying to figure out the best approach.  Most likely result is that they’ll send her back to surgery so the surgeons can take a peek and see just where the problem is.  It’s possible they can stitch something up from the inside, or they may just have to seal those areas and move the tube elsewhere.  Not a great answer for us, but not really unexpected given how things have been going.

That said, the dialysis is working pretty well given her limitations.  She’s still able to push off some fluids – just not as efficiently – and her numbers are coming back in line.  The docs will try to normalize her as best they can over the next few days in preparation for the surgery since she’ll have to be off for a few days (again!) to recover from the surgery in an attempt to avoid more problems.  Likely to see surgery (and ventilator, etc.) sometime in the middle of next week.


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