What’s a Preunion?

September 8, 2013 at 9:19 PM Leave a comment

Of course the medicine practiced at the Hershey Medical Center NICU is good, but it’s really the people who make the unit.  And this from someone who’s not always so fond of people in general (still Hank writing today).

Around mid-August, as we were learning of Eliana’s kidney problems, we received a postcard inviting us to attend the 2013 NICU Reunion celebration.  The timing could have been better.  We forgot about it until a bedside nurse mentioned it yesterday.  Given that Shira can sometimes benefit from a distraction while we’re at the hospital (“I’m BORED!”) we figured we’d give it a try.  But since Eliana is still in the hospital we decided to call it a ‘preunion’ this year.

Face-painting, carriage rides, horse rides (then another horse ride), cotton candy, popcorn.  Yippee!  And in the couple of hours we spent there, numerous nurses and doctors stopped to chat with us.  But not in the “you probably are or were a patient so I should stop and pretend to care” sort of way,  It was clear that they knew exactly who we were – even some of the ones we didn’t see regularly – which was quite nice.  And many of the families with older children – even some from a few years ago – got the same treatment.  Just warmed my heart.

Now if they could only get the $%&*$^%# dialysis to work right everything would be just peachy.


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A Rich Inheritance Once More Unto the (dialysis catheter) Breach

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