A Disney Speedbump

October 1, 2013 at 9:47 PM Leave a comment

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY? It’s enough to make a person superstitious.

Some of the NICU nurses have superstition that you shouldn’t say a child is going “home” because it might jinx things.  They claim that some of the kids just get so used to the place that they purposefully tank things just to stick around longer.  Instead, some like to say that the kids are “going to Disney” as they’re being prepared for release.  (No word as to whether they’re thinking World or Land, but it probably doesn’t matter).

Yesterday’s good news update referencing a possible release wasn’t written for 12 hours when Amy called from the hospital to say that Eliana’s BROVIAC catheter had slipped out of her blood vessel and had to be replaced. Surgery #5; incisions 9 & 10!  Grrrr….

But she’s an old pro by now, and this one was practically a drive-thru. She was off her IV and feeds from the morning until mid-afternoon surgery and back in her bed by about 6:30. Eeverything looks good and she was back to eating at her normal 7 pm feed time…albeit a wee bit groggily. So 3 weeks ago she had two tubes “permanently” installed in her left chest and abdomen, and now she just has scars on the left and two tubes on the right. Can we be done with that now? Please? Pretty please?  Pretty please with a catheter cap on top?

Good news is that this, by itself, doesn’t stop progress since she really won’t miss any dialysis time.  So Disney, here we come!


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Nuthin’ to See Here We’re Number (two hundred and fifty) One! We’re Number (two hundred and fifty) One!

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