The Rest is Just Noise

October 18, 2013 at 11:46 PM Leave a comment

I have to admit, this is starting to feel weird.

When one has a baby, it seems like most of the last minute planning happens before the baby is born.  If nothing else, once the child comes along the parents are just happy to come home and sleep in their own beds, so they’re not thinking about anything other than checking under the hospital bed for Mom’s missing slipper.  If there isn’t any anti-bacterial soap, or someone forgot to wash the crib sheets, those sorts of things it just get fixed somewhere along the way without a second thought.

Now that we’re seriously looking at a likely release date for Eliana it’s clear that to some extent we (or maybe just I?) have been pointedly NOT doing some of this planning over the past couple of months.  Without knowing if Home was a place she’d see, it seemed easier to just not think about it and avoid the possible disappointment from planning that wasn’t implemented.  Besides, if the worst happens, who wants to return a carseat or play yard in these circumstances and be asked “reason for return?”

So the past week or two have been spent trying to pull together the things we need at home.  Y’know…all the typical things a family needs for a new baby.  Like a 6-foot high by 4-foot wide set of wire shelving for dialysis supplies, a 3-tier metal cart for the dialysis machine, a case of hand sanitizer (Purell foaming, like at the hospital, thank you very much!) and a video camera monitor (OK…not technically necessary, but comforting).  And that doesn’t account for the equipment itself (dialysis maching, continuous feeding pump with IV pole) and other supplies (dressings, tape, etc.) supplied by various vendors that are working on transitioning us to home care.  Sheesh.

Nor does it account for the sheer number of people who will be in our home and the planning we need to do with them.  We appear to have been approved for 16 hours a day of home care through about the end of year, but it took a day for Amy and I to figure out what hours we would actually have them in the house.  Much to my surprise, the staffing agency felt that they couldn’t find a nurse to show up and let herself in at 2 am so she’d be here until 10 am.  Who knew?  And it appears that even when we have a full-time nurse from a staffing agency sitting in the room there are certain things she can and can’t do based on her license (an RN can do certain things an LPN cannot do), and there are other things that those nurses can’t do (blood draws and certain dressing changes) because a second agency will be dealing with them.  Sheesh. Even a control freak like me will (probably) just have to give in at some point and let the pros figure it all out.

But Eliana’s getting ready to leave the hospital, and that’s what matters. The rest is just noise.


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