Flat Family

October 19, 2013 at 10:22 PM Leave a comment

You may have heard of Flat Stanley, a little boy who was accidentally flattened, and was then able to visit his friends by being mailed in an envelope. (It’s OK – he’s fictional.)  Today we’re announcing the “Flat Family” project.

“What’s that,” you’re wondering? I’m glad you asked…

Eliana’s room is pretty much devoid of decorations.  We took out all the princess decals (darn!) when Shira moved next door to her new room, and Amy won’t let me reuse the other set of 8-year-old decals we bought when Shira was born.  Instead, we’re looking to decorate using photos of friends and family members – Lerners, Dimelers, Fishers, Youtzes – you name ‘em, we want pictures.  And not just current photos either.  If you have a good photo of a long lost relative we’ll take those too (labelled, please).

Let’s face it: between the risks for infection and the need to have Eliana hooked to dialysis and feeding machines 12+ hours a day we probably won’t do a lot of traveling or have any big parties at the house in the near future.  (For example, as much as we want to celebrate her release, we probably don’t want 30 people handling her right out of the hospital at the very beginning of flu season. Sorry.)  So if hanging out with family and friends may not happen as much as we’d like, we figure we can at least get Eliana primed with her Flat Family.  Plus it’ll just be neat, don’t you think?

If you’d like to contribute photos you can mail us hard copies or email digital copies.  Don’t worry about size – we don’t know how many we’ll get or exactly how they’ll be used, so send us what you want and we’ll figure it out.  Decoupage anyone?…



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