What’s Wrong?

November 6, 2013 at 3:18 PM Leave a comment

After coming home from the hospital last night–getting the NJ tube replaced after handsy Eliana pulled it out of place–Hank said I should write a post about what’s gone wrong since we’ve been home. I spent a few minutes thinking about it and couldn’t come up with anything noteworthy. Sure, there was the night Hank worked late (the infamous flat tire evening), but I had help at home from Bubbe and Grandpa and a nice salmon dinner to boot. Shira finished her homework and Eliana was taken care of. It was a good night.

There was the night we left a bag clamped on Eliana’s dialysis setup, which alarmed at 2 am. We had to call the doctor and rig up a plan for the rest of the night. We got by and were just a little sleepy the next day. There was the first day without nursing help, when the tape holding Eliana’s NJ tube started peeling off. No problem–we got it back on. There was the night we had to start dialysis at 6 pm so it would be finished for an early morning appointment the next day. Did I mention that was also trick or treat night? Good thing Shira and Eliana have two parents so that one of them could undergo dialysis and the other could dress up as a minion and collect candy from neighbors.

But I didn’t think of any of those days when Hank brought up what went wrong yesterday. All I could picture was Eliana’s smiling face. That’s a big smile for me and Shira after spending four hours in the hospital. Yep, still worth it.


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Testing…Testing… Eliana’s Helping Hands

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