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On Germs

In an episode of Brain Games, they explain that a cookie dropped on the floor picks up more germs than a lollipop does.

I haven’t seen that episode, but Shira was explaining it to me at the library, having carefully rewrapped her enormous lollipop and stashed it in the car. We were stopping by the library to return some books on our way to the hospital. Yes, the hospital again, less than a month after the nephrectomy. At least we’re getting the hang of it, bringing a memory foam pad for the pullout bed, skipping the cafeteria leftovers on the weekend, lining up help from Eliana’s team (thanks!), splitting our time between hospital and home, between one kid and the other.

Tonight I’m spending the night at the hospital and Hank and Shira are home. Hank and I have been texting, and at the same time I’ve been reading an ebook (My Salinger Year) and eating Raisinets. I dropped one on the floor and asked if Shira thought it was more like a cookie or a lollipop. She said lollipop, but regardless, it went in the trash. The lesson here is, no. 1, technology is great for keeping in contact about such important things as the five-second rule, and no. 2, no matter how many dropped cookies you avoid, sometimes you still get sick.


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Special Back-to-School Edition of the Clubhouse News

The Clubhouse News 09-01-14

September 1, 2014 at 12:27 PM 2 comments

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