Take Me To Your Liter

May 31, 2015 at 10:31 PM 2 comments

1.  Can I get some credit for these clever titles?  I mean, really…that’s half the fun of each post.

2. Today was a good day.

As you’ll no doubt remember, a few days ago the doctors were unable to figure out why Eliana hadn’t been able to reclaim a lot of fluid that had kind of seeped out into her fleshy bits and caused lots of edema (third spacing, they call it).  They figured she just needed more time.

In the past couple of days things started looking up, and it was clear that she was pushing a bunch of that fluid out.  But while the fleshy bits were shrinking down, her belly was still all big and firm.  Part of that is because they just put a fist-sized kidney into that space and moved everything else around.  But the other part seemed to be that there was “some extra fluid around her belly.”  Um…yeah.

So…on Saturday they ever so carefully placed a small needle in her belly, hooked it up to some tubing, and tried to drain “some extra fluid.”  By the time they were done, the official count was 1430 milliliters (though it was likely more than that).  They let things settle down overnight, then drained around 300 milliliters more on Sunday morning.  Let’s round off to a 2 day total of 1750 mL, or 1.75 liters.

Pretty easy to visualize that one.  Get out a 2 liter bottle of soda, pour yourself a glass, and stare in amazement as you realize everything that’s left in the bottle WAS SITTING INSIDE A 22 MONTH-OLD BABY! Or consider this – prior to surgery she weighed in at about 32 pounds, and this fluid would have weighed around 4 pounds – 1/8 of her body weight.

With all that extra fluid sitting in her, is it any wonder her vital signs were wacky and she was having trouble breathing?

Fluid goes away Saturday, vitals stabilize almost immediately, and all of the sudden by Sunday they can take out the breathing tube.  Yippee – Extubation Day!

So now she’s breathing on her own again and much less sedated.  Of course she’s still tied down to the bed (literally) so she won’t pull out any of the multiple IV lines in her, which makes here REALLY REALLY MAD!  But all in all, I wouldn’t want her any other way.


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  • 1. Bubbe  |  May 31, 2015 at 10:41 PM

    Whew! She never does things the easy way does she?

  • 2. Lisa Frey  |  June 2, 2015 at 8:51 AM

    Amy & Hank, Such great news to read this!!! 🙂


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