New Rules to Live By

June 18, 2015 at 8:48 PM 1 comment

Now that Eliana has a working kidney, we want to make sure she keeps it and it stays healthy. The risk of rejection is greatest in the first six months after transplant, and the risk of infection is greatest during this time too because of the higher doses of antirejection medication. For three months, Eliana has to wear a mask out in public to limit her exposure to germs. (I know, good luck getting her to keep a mask on her face.) At home, we’ll just wash our hands like usual to try to limit infections.

We’d love visitors, by the way–especially since we won’t be going out much at first except to doctor’s appointments–as long as you’re healthy. If you’re sick or think you might be coming down with something, please don’t come over until you are better. Eliana has twice a week bloodwork initially and an appointment with the transplant team once a week. She’ll still be followed by nephrology (the kidney team) as well, and her pediatric cardiologist and pediatrician. She still gets therapies and has home nursing. A couple big goals for her down the road are eating and drinking by mouth and standing, walking, and chasing after Shira.

Some other oddball things you might be curious about now that she’s had a transplant: Sunscreen is super important. Some medication Eliana is taking makes her more likely to develop certain skin cancers, and some medication makes her more likely to burn. Oh, the irony.

No remodeling or farming for Eliana. Because she is more prone to fungal infections, she has to stay away from dirt and mold.

Certain foods are off limits, including grapefuit, pomegrante, pomelos, and Earl Grey tea. (She’ll have to stick with Dad’s favorite, English Breakfast, for her tea parties.) She may have other dietary restrictions down the road when she starts eating more and different foods, depending on her electrolyte levels. People with kidney disease get pretty clever when it comes to modifying recipes and finding creative ways to eat more protein or less potassium.

Eliana will always have kidney disease, by the way. A transplant is a treatment for kidney failure, not a cure. But what a treatment. Hallelujah!



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  • 1. Bubbe  |  June 18, 2015 at 11:39 PM

    Love the picture! Kind of a who me? Look. Sad that she won’t eat bananas…thanks for the visit today Love to all


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