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100 Bottles of Meds on the Wall

Courtesy KB35; Creative Commons License

Courtesy KB35; Creative Commons License

Waaay back when Eliana first came home we left the hospital with a bag of 14 medications.  Over time we added some and deleted some, slowly whittling down to “only” something like 6-8 a day by transplant time.  Each day a medicine disappeared was a good day.

After transplant we had a mere 12 regular meds to deal with (plus various other things to give as needed).  Child’s play, really.

Two of them are anti-rejection medications that she’ll be taking for…let’s see…the rest of her life (give or take).  A major purpose of those drugs is suppress her immune system to reduce the chances of rejection.  Of course that INcreases the chance that she’ll catch a little somethin’ somethin’ of an infection if given the opportunity.

So to counterbalance these drugs, she was sent home with an antibacterial medicine, an antiviral medicine and an antifungal (eeeewwww!) medicine.  The first two are dosed by syringe once a day, but for the antifungal (Nystatin, if you must know) we had to jam one of those little foam-tipped applicators into her mouth and swish it around 4 times a day.  Not fun for any kid, let alone one with oral issues.  Oh…and it stains, if you’re wondering what those marks are on your sheets Ms. Drooly Face.

But as of today the Nystatin has been officially removed from her regimen, making today a very good day.

Not as good as THIS day, mind you, but pretty close.

What's to drink, Mom?

What’s to drink, Mom?



August 17, 2015 at 10:00 PM 2 comments

Can I Get a Whoop-Whoop?

It’s been just about a month since our last post (and Eliana’s birthday!) – which means we’ve started to get the occasional “um…everything ok?” from folks who read the blog.

Answer: Yup, things are doing just great.  So good that a person might want to give a big ol’ whoop-whoop in celebration.

Take this person, for example.

August 15, 2015 at 9:04 PM 2 comments

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