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Speech Therapy on the Road


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It’s been almost exactly two months since our last post. Sorry. But it’s been a whirlwind summer, with things changing left and right. Here’s a rundown of  the highlights over the past few months, with Eliana’s comments, and a nice “what I did on my summer vacation” collage at the end:

(1) We took trips!

We braved two day trips to amusement parks. Sesame Place early in the summer, then Knoebel’s in August. Two looooooong days, but fun. Eliana is now particularly fond of carousels, and in case you’re wondering, most of the rides are easily described as “up down” or “round and round.” But really…do you need to know much more about the kiddie rides?  There was also a trip to the annual Fisher Family Frolic in Vineland. The world will never forget that ‘cow lick Ana’s arm!’ and ‘Ana pat bunny!’

(2) Swimming is totally a thing now

Shira’s been a waterbug for years, and there was no slowing her down this year. Eliana went from a reluctant floater in June to an “I did it! Kick!” independent kicker in August. I smell a wintertime rehab possibility…

(3) The NICU reunion

Every 3 years, the Hershey Medical Center NICU hosts a “reunion” for families. We first attended in 2013 while Eliana was still in the hospital (we called it a “pre-union” at the time), so this was the first time Eliana could attend. The weather was kind of miserable – 90+ degrees and humid in September – but it was still awesome to be there. Weirdest thing was looking around at all the families with really young kids and remembering what it must be like to be fresh off the experience.

Plus…they had pony rides! “Ana ride horse!”

(4) School daze

Of course there’s the elephant in the (class)room – school has started. Shira is a (gasp!) middle school student this year. Among other big changes, it means her bus stop is 85 minutes earlier (hello 6:55 am!), and two blocks further. ugh. Daddy no like.

And Eliana is in school too. Now that she’s three years old she has transitioned into the Intermediate Unit for her services, and she is attending preschool in a three-day-a-week IU classroom in Hershey. That’s about 30 minutes away – not far from the medical center, ironically enough – so HER ‘bus’ (ok…its a van, but that’s not what she calls it) picks her up at about 7:30 to whisk her off to school. They’re apparently working on the days of the week, so “Ana go school Monday” is the refrain, every day of the week.

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