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Hide-and-seek and catching up

It’s 2017 and we have a lot to catch up on since the previous blog post in September of last year. Our first real family vacation since Eliana was born.


Eliana and Shira with Sleeping Beauty at Disney World.

Progress on the physical therapy and oral feeding fronts. A bit of swimming to keep active during these dreary winter months.

A little work time carved out for me, both editing and writing. (See the Forward Sisterhood for the latest.) I won’t even mention the colds and ear infections because who wants to hear about that?

I’d rather tell you about Eliana learning how to play Hide-and-Seek—we’ve been trying to teach her every now and then the past few months, and she’s now starting to get the hang of it. The counting part she’s got down. The closing her eyes and not peaking, not so much, and the hiding part, not so much. She can’t help hopping out of her hiding place immediately to find you. Patience isn’t top of any three-year-old’s skill set, though.

We’re also working on the lingo. Instead of “Ready or not, here I come!” Eliana shouts, “Ready or not, come here!”


Eliana stepping into the zero-entry pool.


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