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Our Memory Book

I started this blog to track our family experiences and memories, to have an excuse to keep track of all these memories, and when something pops into my head, I can share it without rooting around for the memory book. Like how Shira used to tell everyone she was flea, when she was really three. Hank would joke around and pronounce it that way too, and she’d say, “No, FLEA, Daddy.”

We had a greyhound when she was a toddler, and she called him something that sounded like Lolly, which is actually better than Lightning, the name he came with but didn’t suit him that well. (He only won a single race and retired from the racing world at age 18 months.)

Funny kid pronunciations aside, I hope this will become a true family blog (nudge, nudge), and as Shira gets older, she may even write her own posts. I’ll try not to be disappointed if hers get more page views.


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Repairing the World, Kid-Style

Shira found what’s probably the last dandelion fluff of the year in the yard this afternoon and came hiccupping up on the deck, saying, “Mom, look what I found!” Then what did she say before she blew the seeds all over my sweater?

“I wish that everything would be right.”

Amen to that.

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It was a lovely afternoon for lunch in the sukkah–except for the bees. We managed to swat our way through lunch and began cleaning up. Shira was carrying her plate inside and was up on the deck and Hank was grumbling something about damn nature as he cleaned up. “I heard you say, ‘damn nature,'” Shira peeped from the deck. Even my dad laughed at that one.

(Sukkot is the fall Jewish harvest festival honoring the time the Jews spent in the wilderness after fleeing Egypt. For more, see

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