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Does your baby go yang?

Today was Eliana’s NICU followup. The physical therapist was assessing her and asked, “Does your baby coo yet? I see she goes yang.”

Anybody who’s met Eliana knows that’s one of her favorite cries. There’s the yang, the baaing like a sheep (a hungry sheep, that is), the I’m-so-tired-it’s-all-I-can-do-to-cry, the one where she really means it…

Good news, though. No more NICU followups needed, so she truly has graduated from the NICU. Cue Hank, riffing on the yangity yang intro to “Blue Moon.” I know–it’s an ear worm and a bad joke, what could be worse?


December 18, 2013 at 10:07 PM 2 comments

Usually is not spelled the way it sounds

Things were going well yesterday–no impromptu ER visits and in fact no doctor’s appointments at all for over a week, a record for Eliana. She had OT (occupational therapy) and a visiting nurse to draw labs, nothing too exciting all day. Her nurse left at 3 pm, and I I was patting myself on the back for folding 4 loads of laundry and making supper all by myself with no help. Sheesh, that sounds pretty bad, but all things considered…. Let’s focus on the positive. Not the medication error I discovered. Not the craziness of a late supper post Hebrew school, followed by grumpy, sleepy baby, followed by dialysis, followed by grumpy older sister doing homework. Oh, and don’t forget the 5:30 am call that school is on a two-hour delay, followed by the 7 am call from her doctor saying this isn’t an emergency, but….

Back to the homework. There were some metric system problems, converting centimeters to meters and that kind of thing, to which Shira’s response was a typically American “that makes no sense!” (This after a suppertime discussion of how many hands high the average horse is, with no question of how nonsensical that system is.) By the time she got to spelling, it was game over. When she asked how to spell “usually,” Hank said to sound it out. Huh? 

Well, usually things are pretty crazy around here, so I should count myself lucky for having had an hour of peaceful laundry folding yesterday.

December 17, 2013 at 11:59 AM 1 comment

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