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Could be crappier

We’re getting recertified since it’s been a year, and in case you haven’t noticed, no adoption. The good news is we completed what is hands down the most degrading part of the recertifying process–fingerprinting. In fact, it’s so frustrating I’m all loopy and now I’m the one coming up with puns.

Seriously, it’s even worse than the childline clearance, which requires a money order–who else in the world uses money orders in this day and age to the exclusion of all other methods of payment?! On the plus side, our county now has a fingerprinting location in one of the check cashing joints that I was impressed to say could have been crappier. (It’s actually a clean, freshly painted place.) Same old horrible fingerprinting system, though, that makes me long for the days of Barney Miller and inkpads.

I surmised last time that it was a sexist system, because all the women who wete getting fingerprinted had problems and Hank passed with flying colors, but this time it was a big tough guy in front of us who couldn’t roll his fingers well enough to please the computer. I was comforted by how much this aggravated even the people who worked there–I think the owner had to excuse himself partway through and sneak out to the bar across the street.

So of course Hank gets fingerprinted again without a glitch. Figures. At least the fingerprinting set the theme for the day. We went to see the new Ice Age movie–it could have been crappier (Madagascar was). We tried the new frozen custard flavor–it could have been crappier (stay away from the milkshakes). Yep, life is good–or at least not as crappy as it could be.


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